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How To Get Rid Of Birds From Your Home

Each year homeowners spend hundreds of dollars cleaning up after and repairing damage caused by pest birds. Pest birds such as pigeons, sparrows, crows and starlings love to find areas on or even in your home to land, roost and nest. It is important to get rid of them before they damage your property or cause health issues. Pest birds such as pigeons and swallows can carry any of 60 transmittable diseases; the debris that they leave behind can carry mites and fleas that can affect household pets.

Steps to Get Rid of Birds:

    1. Observe what the birds are doing. Where are they landing? Are they just roosting or are they nesting as well? This will help to determine what type of bird deterrent to use to get rid of them. Also be sure you know what type of birds you are having problems with.


    1. Clean up the area of all droppings and debris. It is important to do a thorough clean up of the area before installing any type of bird control product. Birds are attracted by scent to areas that they are used to inhabiting. Clean and disinfect the area, then install the bird control products.


    1. Choose the best product to get the job done. There are different products for different birds and bird behaviors. If the they are large like pigeons and gulls and they are landing on the roof of your home, bird spikes would be one of the best products to get rid of them.


    1. Install the correct product in the correct way. There is usually no guarantee with bird control products that the birds will go away. It can often be a trial and error affair. If you have pigeons landing on your roof, then installing bird spikes is about 98% effective.


  1. Observe that all of the pest birds have gone away. Sometimes they will just move to another spot on your property. You want to be sure that they are gone for good. If not, you will need to follow steps 1 – 4 again, until they are gone.

Once the pest birds are gone for good, you can now enjoy your yard and home again. You will not need to worry about the diseases they carry and the damage they can cause to your property and home. Installing bird control products may be a more complicated process than you are willing to tackle. If you feel you are not able to get rid of them yourself, call a local pest control company to see if they do bird control work.