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Manual Cleaning or Self-Cleaning Electric Shavers

Be it a man or a woman, grooming is important for everyone. A well-groomed individual is always pleasantly welcomed than a shabby-looking individual. For centuries, men are shaving and trimming their beards and body hair growth. Earlier it was done using water and soap, and a sharp-edged object, and now with the advent of the electronic age, the process is done using electric shavers.

These shavers have made the life simple and easy. Just use it before the shower for 10 minutes and you are ready for the presentation in the office with a gentleman look. Now, you don’t have to spare a full one hour and use all those messy pieces of equipment.

Today, with the pace of technology even the electric shavers are continuing to get advanced day-by-day. There are two types of electric shavers available in the market.

— Self-Cleaning Electric Shavers

— Manual Cleaning Electric Shavers

Let us talk about both of them in detail so that you get to choose the best suited for yourself.

1. Easy to use

The self-cleaning systems come with the technique of getting cleaned, dried and lubricated by their own. They automatically do all the work. Just place the electric shaver head down into the unit and push a button. No hassles of working everything on your own and wasting the precious time by using the manual electric shavers.

2. No Mess

Everything is just so clean and in place with the self-cleaning shavers. You don’t have to spend your time to open the blades and taking the brush to it. No more rinsing the shaver with water and waiting for the head to dry before putting it back together.

3. Hygienic

When you place the shaver in its station, you can get free of stress to clean it. It automatically cleans itself and for the ones who are always late, it proves to be a blessing. You can feel the fresh-shave feeling every day. Even, many times people forget to clean the shaver and regret it next day when they have to use it again and it is not ready. With the self-cleaning shavers, you will not curse yourself.

4. Optimum performance

When the shaver is fully charged, it always provides you the best results with a closer shave due to the fact that blades get cleaned every day and thus will be in a good condition. Most of the stations come with lubricants as well. Hence, with lubrication, the cutting efficiency is optimized and the station self-dries the electric shaver at the end of the process to make it ready for the next use.

5. Time-saving

One gets to save a lot of time by using self-cleaning electric shavers. You get to save the time for washing, waiting to dry and lubricating the product. All these things are done by the station itself automatically with a single push. Therefore, one can spend those extra minutes by doing some other productive work.

Overall the time spent on one’s daily grooming routine gets cut down with the self-cleaning shavers. Another important characteristic of it is that you get the benefits of hygiene and a mess free table.

So, just go and buy one self-cleaning electric shaver now and pamper yourself with all its amazing features.