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Unclog Your Septic System and Save Thousands

You know it’s there, its somewhere in the back yard, buried, out of sight. And if you like many homeowners the old adage is true… out of sight, out of mind. That is, of course, until your septic system starts to back up and become clogged, then, miraculously, it sky-rockets to the top of your priority list. Foul, aging waste has a way of doing that to even the strongest of stomachs. But what now, you know you have a problem and you know you need to do something, but do you really have to replace your entire septic system?

This is a serious decision to make; septic tank repairs and replacements can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Sure you can get it pumped out for less than that, but what has that done to correct or prevent any future back-ups? No one wants to find out after they spend $12,000 on having a septic system replaced, that there was an alternative that could have saved them $11,850. Can you really trust your septic repair man, the one how pockets that $12,000, to honestly advise you of the proper test?

In recent years the market has provide homeowners, like yourself, with septic treatments to help aid your septic tank in the digestion of your household waste. Designed to be used monthly, these treatments help maintain bacteria levels in your septic tank, preventing clogs from forming. They are very important for homeowners to use regularly, especially with the number of anti-bacterial cleansers we use daily to sanitize our homes. But, are they strong enough to handle a clogged system and flooded leaching field?

There have been some companies that have offered 5 gallon buckets of liquid treatment, but it was proven to be more of a rip off than it was help. The seldom have any more bacteria than a monthly dose, simply sold in buckets to appear to be more powerful. In reality, it is the same thing, only in a far more cumbersome container for female and elderly homeowners to use.

Recently, some of the scientists have created ultra-powerful doses of septic tank “shock” to reverse even the toughest of clogs. Packaged in easily handled containers, all homeowners regardless of gender and age are able to take advantage of them. In addition, they have proven to deliver the powerful dose your septic system needs to correct itself without the risk or concern of wasting thousands.

While replacing your septic tank may be necessary in the long run, in some instances; most homeowners have found that they can restore their system to full function for a few dollars rather than tens of thousands on septic replacement or even the $500 charged by many of these rip off 5 gallon bucket companies.