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Top 5 Best Uses For Solar Tube Installation in Your Home

Solar tubes are a great addition to any home. While talking to our customers we found that some knew they needed more light in their homes but they weren’t always sure where the best places to install the skylight tubes were. We have created a list of the top 5 uses for solar tubes in- home installations. Solar tubes can also be used in warehouses and other buildings but for right now we want to focus on in-home installations.

1. Smaller rooms such as bathrooms, closets or laundry rooms are great candidates to have solar tubes installed. There are rooms in every home that tend to have one light and no windows, and the light that is given off may not be enough or you may just want natural light instead of the harsh fluorescent lights. A solar tube will bring natural light into these enclosed rooms and brighten them all day, even on cloudy days, and eliminate the need to depend solely on harsh lighting.

2. Indoor gardens that need natural light. Some customers have expressed interest in creating year round indoor gardens or just a room to grow plants in the winter. Most plants thrive in natural light and find your typical indoor lighting too harsh. You can enjoy a beautiful indoor garden anytime of the year and in any climate.

3. Large rooms that tend to be dark even with traditional lighting are another room where solar tubes can solve lighting dilemmas. Some rooms in your home may seem dark even with the lights on and windows open, whatever the reason for the limited light in the room you can fix that by adding one or more solar skylights and bring natural light into any room eliminating the need to depend on traditional lighting alone.

4. The kitchen is always a place that people gather and one room where it is useful to have natural light. Most kitchens are large and require multiple lights; you can turn off some of those lights and use natural light in its place. This will cut down on electricity and create a warm welcoming environment for any home.

5. Home offices are another room where installing solar tubes can make a huge difference. Computer screen glare from traditional lighting or even from the windows may make it hard to use the computer, but our tubular skylights have diffusers on them that will spread the light throughout the entire room and lessen the glare on computers and also allow a softer natural light to brighten the whole room without the heat that comes in through windows.

These are just a few ideas of where to put solar tubes, look around your home and see where you feel needs more light. Chances are you will find a least one room or even hallways that could benefit from more light. Another great feature that you can take advantage of is our solar tubes can also have a traditional light bulb installed as well so you will always have light where you want it and even on a dimmer if you choose!