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Save Your Air Conditioning System, Because Winter Is Coming

Winter is the time when your air conditioner needs to go into hibernation, sort of. It is a period of non-use and demands that you keep a check on the machine regularly. There are horrible things that can happen to it in the cold, and the results of it are often devastating. Months of idleness can turn your machine into a non-functional scrap of metal, making your summers uneasy and sweaty. Here are five things, which could go wrong with the air conditioner during winters:

The refrigerant levels could vanish.

Because you have chosen to not use the machine for a while, problems like leaks can often fly under the radar, and the refrigerant in it can escape unknowingly. Eventually, when you turn on your precious machine in the summers, cooling will not happen, leaving you perplexed and uncomfortable. To dismiss such issue, resort to occasionally turning on the machine to keep a check on its proper functioning.

Condensation problems in the ducts could pop up.

A significant drop in the temperature outside the duct work can cause condensation in it, leading to water filling in the vents. This is a common issue, especially if you have placed the machine in a confined space like an attic. The best way to resolve it is by facilitating proper ventilation. The more you keep it confined, the worse shall be the situation.

The coils and fins might collect a lot of dust.

Because it is a state of inactivity for your machine, dust and grime might accumulate in the coils and fins over time. However, the good news is, the season is an incredible time to wipe these parts and make sure that only clean air circulates.

Mould, mildew, rodents and reptiles might make their home in your machine.

Winter is the time when rodents and reptiles like to go into deep sleep. And, what could be a better place than an idle air conditioner? Infestation, of course, will lead to chewed and stripped up wires. Similarly, the moisture that accumulates inside, will invite moulds and mildew because the machine will always be open to its surrounding.

The result will be impure air, which is very hazardous to your health. Respiratory diseases are bound to happen. So, do not ditch a regular cleanup, no matter what. Additionally, you can keep it covered to prevent damage.

Thick vegetation might surround the outer unit.

The climate is perfect for the quick growth of vegetation. A plant growing near the unit may suffocate the machine and result in airflow problems. To limit such issues, keep the unit clean and away from plants. To pull out vegetation from the machine, you may even need to hire professional repair services.


As much as you hate to admit, winter is the time when your machine gets your lowest attention. However, to prepare it for the summer heat, you have to make sure that it remains functional. Keep the filters extremely clean and replace them if need be. Indulge in an end-of-season maintenance attempt to make sure that the machine works fine in the upcoming summer days. Remember, the better you keep up the machine, the lower will be the amount of energy consumed.