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Home Heating Oil Is an Eco-Friendly, Economic Way to Winterize a Home

Home heating oil is the best solution for home furnaces or boilers. This method is not only environmentally friendly, but it also has a lot of money saving potential. Fuel works well all over the country, but for areas that must endure harsh winters, it’s a particularly effective way to cut costs during long cold spells. It’s also incredibly safe.

Earthy Goodness

Today’s home heating oil surpasses even Environmental Protection Agency standards. It comes close to a zero-emissions rating. If the home heating oil contains low-sulfur and renewable biofuels made from a product such as soybeans, then consumers will be warming their cozy abodes with a fuel that is even closer to zero emissions. This product qualifies as so earth-friendly, the Federal Clean Air Act doesn’t even regulate its emissions.

Financial Fortitude

This form of winter warming saves money because a little goes a long way. Modern systems command stellar efficiency ratings. The flame burns with such intensity, that the process requires less fuel. Furthermore, marketplace competition means businesses keep the prices lower than in other areas of the warming industry. There are always multiple savings to be had with green warming solutions.

Safety First

This type of oil is not deadly if inhaled, which puts it far above other types of heating available on the market. Furthermore, it is safe to store because it doesn’t explode. If someone accidentally drops a match into the oil, the flame extinguishes as if it’s been dropped into water. To catch fire, the temperature must reach 140 degrees, and then it vaporizes. Another great safety feature is that these systems give off signals if there is a malfunction. There’s almost always a warning if a carbon monoxide leak occurs. Some systems release smoke while some give off soot. Whatever warning is released, it happens early, well before lethal levels of carbon monoxide accumulate.

No Shortage

When switching to this method of staying cozy in a harsh winter, there’s no reason to worry about supply limitations. Reserves are exceedingly plentiful, with little to no danger of depleting. Biofuel options are also significantly expanding this reserve. This is going to help keep the costs low for supplies, for delivery, and for system installations.

Longer Life

The home heating oil systems, on average, last about thirty years. When compared to the average lifespan of other leading options, oil installations last almost twenty years longer. Units work at full capacity without needing much in the way of repairs.

Showers Soothe

When this type of system is in use, referring to a shower as “soothing” seems a bit of an understatement. The water runs warmer than water derived from other heating methods. An oil water heater operates at double the speed of a gas water heater and at triple the speed of an electric one. There’s no need to dread unpleasant splashes of cold interrupting a relaxing shower ever again!