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Perks of Living in Worcester Massachusetts

As the second largest city in New England and the second-most populous city next to Boston, Worcester attracts a good number of people who relocated and built a career here. As an industrial town, the city is rich in history with a robust economy centered on innovations and quality education. Living in the city is said to be very good because it is ranked as one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the US, welcoming residents from all over the world with open arms.

Worcester offers a lot to its residents from an array of fun activities to employment opportunities amidst a bustling city with minimal traffic.

Strong Economy

The economic situation in Worcester echoes a good quality of life. Known as an industrial town in its glory days, the city has transformed itself with a booming economy centered around the sector of education and technology. As compared to other cities, Worcester unemployment rate is below the national average with varying job opportunities.

A dynamic economy and ample opportunities in Worcester make it a perfect place to start or expand a business, and for those who want to do business in the city, Worcester CRE Brokers can help them find the most suitable location.

Good Job Opportunities

With a diverse and yet thriving economy, Worcester is home to many budding businesses and globally recognized companies. The job market is great with opportunities in the fields of manufacturing, technology, healthcare industries, education and insurance. Focusing on innovations, Worcester’s powerhouse economy has developed so much faster than its rival larger cities of Massachusetts with almost 90,000 residents employed. Notable companies in the city which provide good employment opportunities are Reliant Medical Group, The Hanover Insurance Group and Saint Vincent Hospital to name a few.

Attractions and Activities

Also known among its residents as the “Woo”, this city offers a perfect balance of rich history, impeccable art scene and outdoor fun activities. Art exhibits and concerts are very frequent and there are plenty of events on a regular basis. People who live here will never get bored and will not run out of things to do in Worcester. New England’s famous science and nature museum the EcoTarium offers a wide array of interactive activities which attract people of all ages. For people who appreciate natural scenery, Green Hill Park is the largest green space in the city. The Mechanics Hall features exquisite Renaissance architecture and is noted as one of the best performing arts venues in North America.

Chilly Winters and Warm Summers

Winter season may be harsh for some with expected frequent snowfalls and extreme winds. The season of spring is also known as the Mud season where thawing between the months of March to April takes place. Summer and fall seasons are much better with warm sunny days which everyone can enjoy.

Easy Living

The city of Worcester has a good overall livability score which is above the national average. This rating comprises the integral factors and data points with variables pointing out good living standards as compared to other cities. With a lower cost of living than the national average and in comparison, to other cities within the state, Worcester in Massachusetts offers affordable housing options, low-cost health care, and less expensive transportation and grocery items.