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What Do I Need to Do Before My Bathroom Renovation?

Your bathroom may not extract direct attention of the guests, but it is visited nonetheless. It is necessary to keep your bathroom in fine fettle; as it also acts as your soothing room in most cases. If you opt for a renovation, you have to keep certain things in mind.

Details to consider

Primarily, you have to consider your budget and your family size. Assess the changes you can make and whether you can place certain luxuries within the budgetary layout. The emphasis is greater if there is only one bathroom in the house. Analyze whether you will like Jacuzzi or shower enclosures installed. You have to prefigure the details with the contractor as to the supposed time it will take and the base required. You may be supposed to remove the floor tiles, appendages and clean the sink and toilet. You can opt for prefab fibreglass installations for economic renovation. Also take the measurements of the bathroom and jot down the likeable points in the existing bathroom.

Other points to moot

Bathroom offers enough scope for decoration and you can project your creative skills. The areas to try them out are:

Cabinet – This holds the toiletries, towels, bathing accessories, bath salts and cleaners. You can resort to the traditional hardwood which offers a distinct look. Fibreglass or ceramics are other options, which are durable and more water-resistant but they lack the elegance of ebony.

Lighting – Generally, people go for dirt lights or diagonal mounts. You can opt for strategic lighting placed around the mirror for general illumination and clarity required for shaving et al. Keep the lighting effect minimal and don’t go for flash.

Textures –Tiles, linoleum or bamboo flooring can be opted. Keep the wall colours muted or nude (beige is an option). However, accentuate the colour beneath the chair rails for distinct contrast. You can also go for marble or stone which reacts better to grouting.

Countertops – If you can afford them, you can also beautify them. Although traditional outlook isn’t bad, people also opt for ceramic glaze or the abrupt placement of quartz or gypsum crystals on the countertop. The hooks and frills on the sides can be used to hold miscellaneous bath and toilet items.

Door swing – Remember that if it is a small bathroom, the space for door swing has to be calibrated. Stay away from revolving or inletting doors, as they will cover a quarter of bathroom space. Sliding doors are perhaps the best option for small bathrooms.

Pedestal sinks – For luxurious bathrooms, vanity sinks are among the better-off ideas. However, economic bathrooms gel best with pedestal sinks. They are a lot steeper and take less space but are equally effective. Choose them in accordance to your bathroom texture.

You can also envision the use of shower cubicles and use of frames. Overall, assess the structure and premise of your house and then plan whether you need the economy of cottage style or the grandeur of Art Nouveau. Go for bathroom renovation only when you have assured strategies.