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Tips to Buying Under Cabinet Range Hoods

Buying a range hood for the kitchen is more than deciding what works best with your design. There are so many important factors to take into consideration to ensure that the copper under cabinet range hood you choose not only blends in with your kitchen design, but also provides you with the necessary functionality while cooking.

Copper under cabinet range hoods are used to remove steam, smoke and odors as you cook. This reduces the risk of the smell making its way throughout the house, which is exceptionally useful when cooking fish, curries and other strong smelling dishes. It is a must have item in any open plan design where your kitchen is completely open to the living and dining areas, reducing the risk of the area steaming up or smelling of food for days on end.

The first step to buying a hood of this nature is to identify why you want it. What is the purpose once it is installed? Do you have an open plan kitchen design and want to reduce the steam and smells making their way through the home? Are you looking for a hood that will add that sophisticated finish to your overall kitchen design?

The second step is to identify the size that you need. You will want something that fits snugly under your cabinet without reaching too far out on either side. Ideally the copper under cabinet range hood should look as though it was custom made. If you can’t find the right size, it is worthwhile contacting suppliers and seeing if they can custom make the size you need to ensure it fits under your cabinet to perfection.

The design you choose is another big decision that you will have to make. When it comes to under cabinet range hoods you want a slim and sleek design bearing in mind that you need a set mounting height to ensure optimum airflow. This means that you don’t want your copper under cabinet range hood to sit too low under the cabinet that it is too close to your cooking surfaces.

When it comes to materials, copper has become a leading choice. Copper is stylish, elegant and sophisticated and can add character to your overall kitchen design while working with your range cooker to produce a beautiful design that you can be proud of.

Always pay very close attention to the fan included in the copper under cabinet range hood. You want something that is as quiet as possible, so it doesn’t drone out the noises in the home and kitchen. The quieter the better, ideally it should seem that the item isn’t even on when using it, ensuring it provides you with the best experience possible. If you have chosen one which is noisy, chances are you will try not to use it due to the noise it produces, which can carry throughout an open plan area.

Remember to always consider your mounting height when choosing an under cabinet design. Mounting heights is the height the hood sits above the cooking surface, the most common height in the United States is between eighteen and twenty four inches, you cannot go below that.

Try and choose a hood that has an outside vent. An outside vent ensures that the smoke, steam and smells are carried outside to reduce the risk of them permeating throughout the home.

The final thing you need to consider when buying a copper under cabinet range hood is the length the duct runs. Remember the shorter the duct length the better airflow you will achieve.