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Four of the Most Fashionable Kitchen Appliances That Are Here to Stay

It is an obvious fact that whatever trend or fashion that comes up in any given period of time is sure to become passé as soon as something new comes up. The same thing could be said when it comes to kitchen design. There are however, a number of kitchen design elements and materials that become a part of a huge selection of classic kitchen must-haves.

With great advancements in today’s technology, the hottest trends in kitchen appliances and fixtures that used to be available for hotels and restaurants and only to those who could afford it has now become readily available and accessible to almost every home. Find out which of today’s hottest kitchen items are truly worth investing on.

Multi-Function Ovens – Most people would choose having the standard 36″ cooking range for the basic reason that it has a really huge oven. Aside from having a built-in range oven, it is also a must for today’s kitchen to have a microwave oven. Buying them separately is also an option. The question is, why not buy an oven that has both functions in one? There are several multi-function brands available in the market today. They come in a variety of convection/microwave, convection/steam, and convection/grill oven capabilities.

Side-By-Side Single Ovens – Is another kitchen must have and is certainly one that’s getting a lot of attention and gaining popularity. Most of us are used to the usual single-stack double oven which I would admit are timeless and trustworthy equipment for every kitchen. It is also a fact that there a few downsides to functionality with double ovens in a single unit. The biggest of which would be rendering the entire unit unusable in the event that one of the ovens need to be serviced.

Side-by-side single ovens provide you luxury of working at a comfortable height. It could also be incorporated and placed alongside your standard range giving you a wider kitchen floor area. The best part is if one breaks, you still have an extra oven to use while you have the other fixed or while waiting for a replacement. That’s practicality with functionality.

Integrated Refrigerator – The growing popularity of this kitchen trend is absolutely undeniable. If you want a kitchen fixture that never ceases to be in fashion; this would be it. This current trend in design utilizes wooden panels that match the surrounding cabinet’s designs and gives your refrigerator the impression of being just another piece of furniture giving your kitchen a nice touch of minimalism. There are some that use stainless steel sheets instead of wooden panels to achieve that bright clean and timeless look.

With this fad also come a few retro-inspired refrigerators that are perfect for those who have traditional or country-style kitchens. These appliances would certainly go well with your other retro-styled kitchen equipment.

Built-In-Beverage Centers – This is certainly one of those cool kitchen innovations that wouldn’t be out-of-style anytime soon. This is perfect for those homes that don’t have the luxury of its own wine cellar. These built-in wine and beverage cooling rack is perfect for housing not just wine but even your favorite sodas and beer.