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Give Your Kitchen a New Look!

It is generally considered that the most important room in the house you can renovate is the kitchen. The modern lifestyle has adapted to see families spending more and more time in the kitchen area. It is seen as the heart of the home where people come and go, socialise, eat and spend time together. Kitchens have gone from a small functional space in Victorian times to often being a significant area in the home, maybe even open plan.

It is also an area people look to renovate when seeking to increase the value of their home for the reasons stated above. If you are wanting to sell a family home these days then a new kitchen befitting the style of the property is a must.

Here are some tips when you are considering giving your home a new look:

1) Plan the project thoroughly

Most people don’t have the skill or “eye” for project management and design. Hiring a professional can cut corners and give you something you hadn’t even considered. Lots of kitchen companies have in house design teams with the experience to design a concept you hadn’t thought of and the software to show you how its going to look. With a click of a mouse they can show you various colour options.

You may have even considered some building work alongside the new kitchen. In this case hiring a specialist builder who is experienced in planning, building and design of kitchen extensions is key. Look around, get references and then when you have decided on a contractor get plans and specifications and costings drawn up into a contract.

2) Have a budget in mind

Knowing this at the start will help with the planning phases both in terms of the scope of work and the design. Lower budgets could lend themselves to new door fronts and a d├ęcor and more substantial budgets could be more likely to have building work and complete new kitchen designs.

Remember if you are doing the kitchen modifications to increase the value of your home then you should aim to spend less than the potential increase in the property value. Don’t get carried away on what you think looks nice.

3) Get a back up kitchen in place

While the work is going on you will need somewhere to cook and wash up. You may want to hire a portable kitchen if you have the budget or use a small area in another room while the work goes on. Planning this part of the project can reduce the impact on your daily life while the work is going on.

4) Put a bit of design in it

There are so many wonderful gadgets for kitchens these days to make life easier or just for a bit of luxury. For example, slow closing draws are a nice feature as is a good ventilation system that is efficient and aesthetic. Some of the modern touches help to organise larders while others put a bit of technology into your life like funky downlighters or built in music systems.

Other design features could include the colour of the doors to the worktop material. There are so many options for the different budgets.

5) Think carefully about DIY

It is possible to go and buy a kitchen and get it delivered for you to fit. Often these projects can overrun on time and cost as lack of skill and experience drive up the costs due to mistakes, overordering and the costs associated with the delay. It can often turn out to be as cheap and will be finished quickly to a high standard if you hire in a professional kitchen company

So get you plans together, speak to some companies, get quotes and have a contingency plan for when the work starts. This will make your life much easier throughout what is a huge but rewarding project to undertake.