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What Appliances Do You Need For Your Kitchen?

Designing a kitchen can be tricky. A lot of people will just design the wallpaper, tiling and ceiling features and they will forget about all of the appliances.

This is because they think that appliances are set and they can just walk into a store, ask for kitchen appliances and all the appliances that they need will be just sitting there waiting for them. However, sometimes it can be a bit trickier than that.

Kitchens can be different. They don’t have to be the same as everyone else’s. Furthermore, kitchens will be different whether they are based in the city or the countryside.

If you are in the process of putting a new kitchen in, then you should read ahead for more information about the appliances that you might need.


If you live in the city then you will probably buy a standard electric oven that has hobs on the top and two spaces for the actual oven and a grill. This is because this type of oven is more convenient for an inner city lifestyle.

In the countryside, you are more likely to have more oven space and you might need 6 hobs. You could also opt for a gas heater. This is because you are more likely to cook your own foods in the countryside. This is in reference to growing own vegetables and buying meats from other farms. You will need an oven that is more powerful.


Again, in the city, you are more likely to have a dishwasher because you have more of a hectic lifestyle. It is easier for you to just throw all the dishes in the washer on your way out the door.

However, you can have a perfectly fine kitchen without a dishwasher. You do not have to have a dishwasher. If you don’t have much money in your budget then it is recommended that you spend the money on something that you need more and do the dishes in the sink.


You will definitely need a fridge and a freezer in your kitchen, but you do have options for the size of these appliances.

If you only have a small amount of space, you are best buying a fridge with a freezer built in. Or you could buy a unit with the fridge on the top and the freezer on the bottom.

If you have plenty of cupboard space, you could buy separate units and hide them behind cupboard doors. If you are lucky enough to have some garage space, you could buy a small fridge and freezer for the kitchen and then you could buy an extra chest freezer for the garage.

Hood Vents

Buying a hood vent for your kitchen is something that is highly recommended. Hood vents will cool the kitchen down and take all the grease and aroma out of the air in the kitchen. Therefore, your house or apartment will not smell like the meal you are cooking.

You have two options for a hood. You could buy a small hood that acts as minor ventilation and has lights on so that you can see better, of you could buy a more expensive hood which will ventilate the whole kitchen and remove the grease from the air.

If you spend a lot of time cooking in the kitchen, then it is recommended that you opt for the more expensive versions. If you are a person that uses the microwave a lot, then the cheaper option will be fine for you. Just make sure that you buy the hood that is right for you.