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Slab Leak Detection and Pipe Replacement

If your water bill is soaring like never before, or you hear water running abnormally, you may have a hidden leak in your house. One of the most common problems is there is a leak under the floor. It can also be identified by the warm spot in your home.

Only professional plumbers and technicians can understand the problem of leak or specially slab leak because it usually occurs under a slab of concrete. They can also determine the problem if it is hidden or under the foundation. There are many ways to identify a slab leak; plumbers carry out different methodologies to handle the worsening situation. They can easily check if any water is leaking, water vapors accumulated near the sink or leaking from up through the foundation or any type of settling has occurred.

The most common and reliable matter is to observe the soaring water, gas or electricity bill. There unexpected increase is the first possible sign of an undetected leak in the structure. Settling of the foundation can easily damage pipes beneath the surface. In fact, ill workmanship at the time of construction can also be responsible for leaks. Moreover, slab leaks can also occur from rusting of the pipes due to high pH levels in the water. Most of the time, old, dilapidated and ruptured galvanized pipe gives up after long years of service. After exactly pin pointing the leak, the very next step is to determine if it is practically possible to perform a slab leak repair. plumbing contractors utilize the best practices and equipment to carry out the task.

They perform digging down to the pipe for copper pipe repair or polyethylene pipe repair. It can often refer to as a water line leak repair. However, this type of plumbing repair is not always the best suitable solution since one failure can be a sign of more to come in future. Furthermore, slab leaks can be easily repaired in a broad number of ways. It must be located under the slab with special and advanced equipment also known as a leak detector. Replacing just the one line may be troublesome if there are indications of multiple water pipe failures or holes in the home. If the home has ruptured or deteriorating water lines, then a comprehensive copper pipe replacement would be advisable for maximum comfort.

Plumbers take care of the plumbing problem and replace water lines with the cross linked polyethylene (PEX). It is highly durable and reliable in nature and can handle aggressive water conditions.