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Three Signs That a Sewer Pipe is Damaged

The heart of any home’s plumbing system is the sewer pipe. This central pipe channels wastewater out of your home to your municipal water system. Cast iron was used in many older sewer pipes. Cast iron pipes can crack and develop corroded spots, which can severely impact the water system in your home.

Other causes can also cause damage to sewer pipes. Tree roots and other invasive organisms can cause sewer pipes to burst. Ground shaking or earthquakes can also cause damage to the sewer pipe’s structure. A sewer pipe could be cracked by a heavy truck parked or driven in an unsafe spot.

Many homeowners don’t recognize signs that their sewer pipes are not working properly. The problem can quickly escalate to a critical level, which will require costly and sometimes messy repairs. Continue reading to learn how to troubleshoot your plumbing problems. Three common signs that a sewer pipe is damaged are discussed in this article.

  1. Soggy Lawn

The problem is usually obvious when one of your supply lines breaks down. Most likely, a problem with your home’s water supply line will be apparent. It can be difficult to diagnose a damaged sewer line because they lead away from your house.

A broken sewer line can allow wastewater to seep into your ground. Most sewer lines run across your front lawn and meet up with the municipal waste pipes underneath. The soil in your lawn will become soggy and wetter as more water is pumped out of the damaged pipe.

It is important to seek professional assistance immediately if your lawn seems to have mysteriously become waterlogged. If you don’t, the problem will only get worse.

  1. Foul water in basement

Water from a leaking sewer line can get into your yard and other areas. If the pipe ruptured is not far from your home, it could even reach your basement. This water can easily get into your home if the foundation is cracked.

Hydrostatic pressure can cause water accumulation even in homes with sound foundations. Hydrostatic pressure is when water builds up outside your foundation and pushes through concrete walls. You will notice a foul-smelling basement if your sewer line cracks.

  1. Rodent Infestation

An influx of rats into your home is a sign that there is a problem with your sewer line. Rats can easily dig through your soil to reach the sewer pipe. They will follow the sewer pipe to your home, sometimes getting under your foundation.

These rodents pose a serious threat to human health. Although poisoning rats may be a good way to control the problem, it will not eliminate the source. If you haven’t had rodent infestations in the past but suddenly notice them in your home, it is time to inspect your sewer line.

A professional can inspect your pipes with long flexible cameras that are threaded into the pipes. To learn more about having your sewer line checked,

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