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Hiring A Home Remodeler – 5 Tips That Matter

With an uncertain future and a dreadful present in the U.S. housing market economy, few would be surprised to learn that many American homeowners are choosing to upgrade their existing homes. Not only are these extensive upgrades staving off a potential move, but homeowners also hope to add value to their houses so they can get a better asking price at the time that selling becomes necessary. If you want to join the fray, you’ll need to hire a good home remodeler to get started. Here are five tips that can help you do just that.


Make sure any home remodeler you’re thinking of putting in your employ has proof of insurance. If the company has any problem with providing this information, take your business elsewhere without the slightest hesitation. You can’t afford to have people working in your house without it. If there is an accident, you could be the one held liable for expensive hospital bills. You should also make sure any sub-contractors have their insurance cards at the ready as well.

Check References

If you didn’t come upon your home remodeler through a personal recommendation, you’re going to want to see some references. Don’t forget: a contractor can say anything they want about their services and they can make themselves sound terrific in advertisements. But can they point to customers who can vouch for them? That’s all that really means anything, so make sure you talk to others who have used their services successfully.

Payment Options

There are several good reasons to pay a contractor with a credit card. One, you have some options should you need to file a dispute later on. But more importantly, it is a reflection on a solid business that they be able to take credit cards as payment in the first place. If they can’t, you might have to wonder what kind of financial situation they’re in and how that might reflect on their practices.

Customer Relations

This covers nearly everything that isn’t specifically the work and financial concerns. Look at everything that could matter. How they behave towards you, how they conduct themselves, and how they dress all matter. All of this is important when determining whether or not you’re dealing with a professional.


You’re not hiring a maid, but you should expect any home remodeler you hire to pick up after themselves. Don’t just take it on faith. Ask them ahead of time what their policy is on cleaning up the workspace.