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Using Laminated Wood for Remodeling Projects – The Good and the Bad

One of the many materials used by remodeling contractors for home improvement projects is the laminated wood flooring. It is one of the most recommended types due to the following reasons:

Installing laminated flooring is definitely very easy. The newer versions have the click-lock feature which previous models do not have. You need not glue them together. They often come with dry glue so you only need a wet cloth or sponge to swipe the glue over and your laminated wood flooring will be good to go. Clean and sleek.

As compared to the real hardwood floorings, the laminated types don’t have bad pieces. Most of the time, hardwood types have faulty pieces which are either replaced, thrown out or re-engineered; solid wood reacts with varying weather conditions which makes its size differ from one another even when their dimensions are carefully measured prior to cutting and installation. On the other hand, laminated types are fabricated to make sure that they will be produced out of the factory in its best form without having any reaction due to weather or climate conditions.

Most homeowners find the durable surface of the laminated types to be very convenient. Wooden types are very prone to having scratches and dents if the homeowner isn’t careful enough. It is also prone to mildew growth which can start damaging the wood. When it comes to moisture, laminated type survive better so bathrooms, kitchens and other spaces where moisture dwells, will probably have good result. However, laminated types aren’t the best when it comes to surviving water so make sure you take note of this. Use vinyl or tiles to prevent the health of your household to be compromised. Avoid further damages especially when it is brought out by trapped water or heavy moisture.

Laminated types can conquer stains easily so they won’t be able to invade the flooring and you can wipe them off easily. These types have protective component allowing for full protection of its beauty without ruining the entire picture by a single stain. They are very easy to clean. You can use vacuum, broom, mop or any type of cleaning tool.

The downside about laminated type is that it is not real wood. While solid hardwood types give great resale value whenever they decide to sell their lot, laminate flooring is way more affordable and can give off the same effect as the real hardwood type.

Laminated types are very slippery though improvements in its texture are being continuously researched by manufacturers. Slip-resistant protective covering are being developed these days. Unlike hardwood type which can be sanded down, when a laminated flooring tile is damaged, you need to replace it. It is impossible to change the finishing of the floor type since it is not real wood.

In general, laminated type is still more preferred by remodeling contractors. Just be sure you’re careful enough in picking the perfect design and style for your space.