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Why Your Bathroom Remodeling Project Is a Flop

So your bathroom did not turn out exactly the way you wanted it. It turned out floppy and all over the place. You hated the result so much that you wish you did not have a bathroom remodeling project at the first place. What could have gone wrong? Do you think it’s just one, two parts or is the process messed up from the start? Let’s mentally rewind the whole thing and reflect on your bathroom remodeling frenzy. If your bathroom is that badly renovated, then you most probably screwed up some if not, all the important factors in bathroom remodeling. Think if you did any of these.

You did not come up with a concept

A concept for any project is like the soul of any human being. The concept is the core. It is your point of reference to any decision and planning you have for the project. The concept is the most important thing before the planning and execution. A concept sends out the message of beauty, of creativity, even art. You don’t come up with a concept, and your bathroom is just like any other mediocre bathroom-lame and not stylish. You forget about this one thing and your project is already half doomed. I believe I have iterated this one long enough. I hope you get the picture I’m trying to paint.

You went into a frenzy of adding fixture after fixture into your bathroom

You probably think that the only way to beautify your bathroom is to populate it with faucets and sinks and showers. Well, that’s okay. But that’s not really how things go. You need to plan everything down to the last single detail. You can’t just go, buy this and that and place them in every available bathroom space. You have to pick the right fixtures that will complement your concept. Unless you have a family (and a history) of hoarders, you would be wise enough to carefully select the stuff you install in your bathroom because as you may know now, they’re kind of permanent. I know there are hundreds of cools stuff for your bathroom out there, but learn to know your priorities.

You did not hire a bathroom remodeling company

Okay, you think you’re Superman and, therefore, can do all the remodeling all by yourself. Well, where did that put you into? So, you have this fancy degree in interior designing or you have this amazing (and, probably, record holding) experience in designing and remodeling. The bottom line is you can’t do it all by yourself. You know you’re brilliant, but it really won’t hurt you to hire help to do all the hard work for you. You get professional, quality results without you having to strain a single muscle. Okay, that one reference on the muscle is just an expression-not to be taken literally. You know what I mean?

So, bottom line is take note of every factor and aspect of any project you are working on, which, in this case, is bathroom remodeling. Take note of the important stuff, especially those that are included in this article, and you can make sure, even guarantee, that your next bathroom remodeling project won’t be a flop.