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A Do It Yourself Shed Allows Perfect Customization

Building a do it yourself shed can give you a great sense of accomplishment and will save you quite a lot of money over simply buying one and having it delivered. With the right set of shed plans this process has become easy enough for almost anyone to tackle and will allow you to build the perfect shed for your needs. The other main advantage is that you can customize the shed to be perfect for your needs, and your lot.

Pre-built sheds are certainly an easier way to create this extra outdoor storage space but will also force you to compromise on something about their construction. The position of the doors, windows and shelves are typically all the same on these sheds and may require you to pick your shed based on the configuration of these details instead of the style of shed that best fits your décor. Even though you can have a custom shed built to your specifications, these tend to be far more expensive that buying a standard model.

By building a shed yourself from a good set of plans you eliminate this compromise completely and can adjust the shed to your needs. Most of these plans offer options for door and window placements and some of them even allow you to add a second opening if needed.

The shelves and hooks in a do it yourself shed are also easy to adjust and can be placed almost anywhere you need them. You may also have the option of building a particular design a little larger or smaller than the plans call for. Some of these plans cover the same shed style in various sizes and will provide the materials list and cutting diagrams needed for each.

In addition to adjusting the size and configuration of the shed, building it yourself allows you to match the exterior of the shed to your home’s décor. Most of the pre-built sheds are only offered in a limited number of colors and materials.

This means you may find one of these sheds that fits your needs for style and size but realize that all the colors and materials the shed is offered in will clash with your home. Here again you will have to compromise and either find another shed that matches your home or put up with the contrast between the shed and your houses siding. By building the shed yourself you can avoid all of these issues and end up with a shed that is the perfect size and color for your home.

One final advantage to building your shed instead of buying it is that you can locate it almost anywhere you need it. Pre-built sheds require a lot of access clearance to allow the delivery truck to place it where you want it. In most lots, this really limits the placement of these sheds. Many of them end up in the corner of a yard and look out of place.

By building a do it yourself shed, you can tuck it away in any spot in your yard that you want. Because you’re bringing the materials into your yard for construction by hand, there’s no need to worry about having to fit a truck between trees and over your nice lawn.