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Smartphone Electronic Door Locks Can Keep Your Home Safe And Guarded From Afar

Are you stuck in the past? Do you still lock and unlock your house doors with a key? With today’s technology you don’t have to worry about little things like that. In fact, all you have to do is open and close your doors without doing anything extra.

Security companies have created keyless electronic door locks to protect your home when you’re on the go. Instead of using a key to enter your home you can use Bluetooth technology over your smartphone or through a key fob (or smartkey). Using Bluetooth your door will automatically unlock whenever you are within close range of the deadbolt. It automatically locks itself within 30 seconds when your device is out of range.

These new styled deadbolts also have the ability to alert you via text or email when your doors have been compromised or unlocked. In addition, you have control of your home from anywhere in the world. You can connect via WiFi to lock or unlock your doors. This added protection gives you a sense of peace.

Since these devices are motorized and run on batteries there’s the risk that your deadbolt will stop working, but luckily these companies thought of it all. The keyless entry deadbolts still comes equipped with a physical key to open the door manually, in the event of malfunction or dead batteries.

Besides the smartphone, fob, or physical key you also have the option to create a digital code utilizing the deadbolt keypad. It’s a fact that keyless entry is convenient for a number of reasons, but the option to not use a key for entrance into your home and the ability control your doors from anywhere in the world is remarkable.

Imagine the possibilities with such a device. You come home from a long day at work with groceries in hand. Instead of getting your keys out and fidgeting with the door you simply open your door and walk in with ease, never pulling out your keys or anything in your pockets.

Think about your child getting home from school an hour or more before you. Instead of entrusting your child with a physical key of their own you simply have your kid text or call you when they arrive home. From afar and not leaving your job you are able to login and unlock the door for your child. You can even lock it back once they are safely inside.

Another scenario is you’re out of town and asked your neighbor to check in on your pet from time to time and feed them while you’re away. You can monitor your neighbor visits by having them contact you to gain entry into your home then ensure its locked after they exit.

Keyless entry deadbolts are the wave of the future. Technology is constantly advancing and this is the way to go for homeowners. Combined with a high-tech security system electronic door locks provide a high level of protection. You will always feel safe knowing you didn’t make the mistake of leaving your doors unlocked while you’re far from home.