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Protecting Your Boundaries – Even If You Have Pets

When you are considering the security systems for your home, you know that being aware when someone is entering the property is all-important. When the person is unwelcome and poses a security risk, it’s crucial that you and others are alerted.

Finding the Most Appropriate Systems

The security system you need will depend on many aspects, including the size and shape of your house; whether it is one, two or three storeys high; the location of any outbuildings; the nature and height of your perimeter, as well as the pets that you have and any vulnerable people or valuables you particularly wish to protect. Your level of risk might be different at the back, and on one or both sides, from the front.

The front entrance and boundary will probably be on a road, which may or may not be busy. You may have neighbours on one or both sides and perhaps at the back. Or you may butt up to the boundary of one of the royal parks or some heathland. Are there many trees and shrubs that will provide cover for intruders and burglars? Do you have a basement that can be accessed from the outside?

The Problem of Pets and Other Animals

If you have pets on the premises, you may believe that you can’t have full coverage throughout your home by an intruder detection system. You don’t want an alarm to go off each time a cat jumps onto a kitchen surface or a chair. But this is not a problem for today’s sophisticated pet tolerant passive infrared sensors (PIRs) and alarms. Most have pet immunity up to 25 kg, so even a fairly large dog won’t trigger the alarm.

These PIRs operate with dual technology which both detects the radiation generated by body heat and makes a clear analysis of body dimensions, recognising pet shapes as distinct from people and backgrounds via linear imaging lenses. PIR sensitivity can be adjusted, as can the number of square metres they cover, those with wide angle lenses offering the greatest range.

While you may also want to consider multi-layered security protection, you can certainly have peace of mind about first layer intruder detection. You don’t have to worry about your cats, dogs, chickens, rabbits, or even the neighbourhood fox, setting off false alarms, waking you and the neighbours in the night, and embarrassing you by bringing the local police to investigate why the alarm has gone off.