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Understanding Fence Security Placement Properly

Where you install fence security panels is determined by the type of property you are placing them around and what you are trying to secure. You have to decide if your fence security panels are more for keeping something inside or for keeping something outside.

Fence security panels can be placed around the back yards of residences where they keep people from being able to see into the area. These types of fences are called privacy fences. They are popular for people who have small children they want to let play in the yard, but want to keep safe. They also make good barriers for pet owners so that their pets stay in their yards and do not get into trouble in the neighborhood.

Fence security is used around commercial properties to protect the property from theft when the owners are not there to watch over things. Having a barrier to stop thieves from easily entering the premises and leaving the premises reduces the chances of a business being robbed by more than forty percent.

Most commercial operations place these types of barriers around their central air and heat units because many thieves steal the copper tubing that connects these units to the buildings. The placement of a barrier keeps the thieves from being able to drive their trucks up to the unit and load it up. Even churches and fast food restaurants are now placing barriers around their central heating and cooling units.

Placing fence security around school yards and establishments where children are provides protection from a child being lost or abducted. Children are our nation’s most precious resource and protecting them should be our number one priority. Placing barriers around the perimeters of school grounds help the officials to keep people who should not be on the grounds away and people that should be on the grounds there.

High security establishments like jails, and businesses that have things they need to protect diligently install barriers to keep the property protected. At jails and prisons the barriers are made taller than the average fences are in order to deter the prisoners from being able to climb the fence and get away from the prison grounds. Sometimes razor wire is placed at the top of these fences so that the prisoners are further discouraged from trying to escape.

At businesses that have things that need a high level of protection the barriers are sometimes electrified so that any one that touches them will be shocked. These barriers are placed around businesses that have things in them that could be potentially dangerous to the general public.

Steel barriers are more popular for security reasons while wooden barriers are more popular for residential areas. This was at one time true, but steel fencing has improved and can now be as attractive as you want it to be. You can get decorative pieces to place on the tops of the posts and the wire panels so they are prettier to look at and remain structurally sound.